Vira International founded in 1970 is a Government of India, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs registered and ISO 9001:2000 Certified Recruitment and Search Firm. We are India's Leading International Recruitment, Staffing and Training Company with offices in Mumbai, Panjim(Goa) and Cochin in India and overseas offices in London and Vancouver. We offer our recruitment and search services in all India metro's and Internationally in the Gulf region, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and several other countries world wide.

Our clients include some of the best and biggest names globally.

We Supreme Foodservice Gmbh provide logistic support for the containment of ISAF/Nato soldiers from Thirty Nations,and have done so for more than 4 years in Afganistan;we employ over 5000 workers & staff from several different countries for our various contracts. Over the last 2 years,Supreme Foodservice GmbH used the services of Vira International Placements Pvt Ltd to recruit over 500 workers & staff (including large number of catering & support services personnel) for its operations in Afganistan...
Kylie Macfarlane
Supreme Global Services Solutions